ROI - Online

The formation of ROI - Online came about through the need to find out more about determining the return of investment of training programs for the training manager. Training today plays a critical role in operating a business. How can the training manager 'make their mark' in substantiating their role and making a different to the bottom line. 

Training is NOT a cost centre - it is a PROFIT centre

Out of this idea (and meeting of three great minds), developed the opportunity to share the concept, which was done by writing this book - Measuring ROI in training.

This website is linked to the book and will provide further support and assistance with regards to ROI activity in your environment.

You are welcome to browse this site and share your ROI experiences with us and others in the learning and training field. 

The site will contain:  

The latest updates to the ROI spreadsheets discussed in this book, which you can download, 
Checklists which can also be downloaded, 
Details on the latest ROI- related news, 
Various learning- and training related information
Details on workshops and conferences where you can learn more on ROI related information.
Details on other ROI books in the market.
Discussion forums,
And anything ROI related that you might require to make your day a successful one.


ROI Online strives to be the leading consulting firm in South Africa and the rest of Africa in the field of measuring the return on investment in training.


ROI Online is committed to building capacity and promoting accountability among clients to measure and improve the bottom-line impact of training by means of user-friendly and customised ROI measurement techniques.


Responsibility to measure - assisting managers to take ownership of ROI
Openness - open sharing of information and ROI results
Integrity - providing the bottom-line "moment of truth" for training
Opportunity - helping clients to identify opportunities for measurement
Needs-based - customising ROI methodology to the needs of the client
Learning - establishing an ROI learning and research community
Innovation - identifying opportunities to improve training and ROI
Networking - providing and sharing information and ROI resources
Excellence - providing an excellent ROI service to measure training 


ROI consulting service
ROI public and in-house training workshops
First South African ROI book published by Knowledge Resources
ROI Roadmap - a practical workbook (also Knowledge Resources)
Articles about ROI
Other ROI resources such as website with ROI information